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 CANCER might 

 not be a CHOICE. 

 BUT how you 

 deal with it 


 Ahhhh. Deep breath. 

Thank you for being here. You are so important here. 

Yes, it's true. My sister + bestest friend Jenna was diagnosed with the




 C word. 

And she's not alone in this.

You're reading this because you're 100 gazillion percent with her, right?

So, that's at least two friends with her including me. And since you know Jenna then you know there's about 6 other friends with her too...maybe even 7.

No but seriously, this woman's got a yacht load of friends loving her PLUS a dream team of medical professionals that you kinda just want to sneak out of the hospital in an oversize bag to bring home with you for some warm conversation followed by ice cream and netflix. 

....I digress.

 The purpose of this site is to keep you abreast of any developments. 

(If you haven't figured it out yet, my coping mechanism in crisis is humor - but as luck would have it, Jenna officially appointed me head of laughter facilitation on this journey).

Various members of The Committee such as myself [Kendra], our leading lady Jenna, Jane [her mom], Lou [her dad...actually let’s be real, someone will transcribe for him], and any of her friends are invited to share their own experience. 

Not only does this serve to keep you in the loop, it also will be an important consolidated platform for Jenna to receive well-wishes, and for anyone who finds it therapeutic to write it out.

So, when your heart feels strong - stop on by and visit because Jenna and friends will be very busy over the next 15 months making some real life lemonade, besides... 



 Everyone knows lemonade is best when shared. 




Private Message?



I'm Jenna

Wanna help?

Most importantly thank you from the bottom of my heart to my awesome family and friends and all the amazing humans out there! 

All my love, Jenna