HEY! I'm Jenna.

 If you know Jenna then you probably know she didn't want to write this section (so I am), and you also definitely know that she's the most sparkly living sunbeam that you may ever encounter.


As her sister, there’s always been a part of me that feels like I don’t completely understand this planet and how to function as a modern human living in it - but maybe that’s just because I’ve been growing up alongside a person who happens to have superpowers.


She’s cracked the code at being able to bust-a-move on anything from the totally mundane to the nearly impossible. In fact, if her face was her personal logo the tagline under it would be: “Get ‘er done.”


...That reminds me of the time she did the most normal thing any person would do, which is to ride her bike across the country after her fiancé died kayaking. She also sets typical goals like going to every country in the world. She’s been to 52 countries to date. Her ability on the slopes leaves people who are skiing with her for the first time impressed and still standing in the middle of the mountain going, "Wait...what just happened?" as they wipe her snow blast off their face. 


The things she Does could be listed for days - and while some will make your jaw drop - what’s way more important is the way she Be’s. And that’s reflected by all the love she has all around her. I mean, that's why she was born with a heart-shaped smile. Duh.


Not only does she know how to make friends like anyone knows how to breathe, she knows how to keep them for life. I’m not talkin’ hanging out with a friend or two every few weeks and calling to check in with a handful of others once a year. No, I’m talkin’ almost every one of her friends would say “She’s my best friend” and she’d say the same about them. What's more - her friends from California are now friends with her Marshfield friends who are friends with her Colorado friends and with some probably in Africa - to be honest, I can't keep track.

Just a few words off the top of my head...Jenna is a















Joy Spreading,


World Traveling,





Life of the Mother-F-ing Party!


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