Don't know how you can help?

It can be overwhelming to think about all the things you could do or should do to help. So, I'd like to share a bit of advice (not that I've been through this before, so take it or leave it).

Even though there’s certainly a shock factor with a rainbow of emotions, from firered to shit brown, Jenna is in the best of a worst case scenario.

Why? Because if you’re reading this, you’re likely taking a WWJD [What Would Jenna Do] approach... basically wanting to offer the love that she would give you if the roles were reversed.

Hopefully that’s not putting too much pressure on you - I mean, doing exactly what she would do might not be possible. Remember, she’s got superpowers. That said - your support in any way you feel inspired is literally all that she needs and wants right now.

For instance Liz, a badass lawyer best friend of hers, is The Expediter [previously known as the “executioner” but after a day of calling her that we realized it sounded a bit too, oh I don’t know, dark given the circumstances]. Anyways Liz is the type who knows how to do paperwork, figure out timelines, take notes, keep her on task, and generally use her right brain in an efficient, upbeat way to get logistics done.

Now see - I’m the type who has to give myself a reward to run a minor adult-type errand otherwise I crumble at the thought of even just opening the mail. I can’t be the expediter. And that’s OK.

That said, I've been officially assigned to the humor task force. Unofficially, I'm also in charge of seeing signs such as cardinals and making meaning out of them. For instance the morning after I got the news, I told the universe that if I saw a cardinal cross my path I'd know everything was going to be OK. So, when I saw a cardinal the next day I knew it had deep meaning for me: That bird wanted to fly over there.

So, what are you really good at? What comes easy to you? My advice [again - not like I’ve gone through this EVERRRR] but my advice is to consider that and choose that as your support for her. It might be flying out to be with her like her best friend Jenna Wazny to lead us through the many halls and levels and buildings of the hospital to make it on time for appointments, it might be ditching work for a few hours to give her a hug like her best friend MaryEllen, driving all the way to the restaurant she was at just to sit next to her like her best friend Carolyn Feely, or sending flowers. It might be simply subscribing to these updates to keep her in your prayers and write a comment of encouragement when you feel inspired.

As far as I’m concerned, we’re all in this together. No one of us can be everything for her. Even if you tried, it would be super exhausting - so it wouldn’t last and that’s not OK. She needs you this year. But she needs the part of you that you are able to give.