Mandala rocks

I've found a new way to escape the side effects of chemotherapy, and it doesn't involve running away (which my doctors are very happy about). And that is - getting stoned! i.e. painting mandala rocks.

Google "mandala" and up pops, "the mandala represents an imaginary place that is contemplated during meditation. The mandala's purpose is to help transform ordinary minds into enlightened ones and to assist with healing."

Needing a creative outlet, while at the same time really struggling with chemo, I picked up some paint one day, found some round tools, and a rock, and started mindlessly dotting. Two hours later, two hours of time had past without experiencing side effects as I got into a meditative trance. I quickly became hooked to the mind escape and the run away from the not-at-all fun physical discomfort I am in much of the time. Luckily - temporarily.

I realize I am late to the party, but I've been asked by a few people to paint rocks to be given as gifts, and thought this is something I can commit to! Afterall, we all know I like to rock it out! And why not put some money towards my “cancer ass-kicking fund”.

So, if you’re interested in a mandala rock - hit me up!

All you need to know is that the rocks:

  • are about 2ish inches, and round(ish).

  • are sealed once painted.

  • are signed “J” on the back.

  • can have one word on the back (if desired).

  • are $25 + shipping cost.

  • percentage of proceeds go to Dana Farber Cancer Institute (where I am treated)

All I need to know from you is:

  • When do you need the rock by?

  • What color(s) do you want the rock to be painted primarily?

  • What one word do you want painted on the back of the rock? (if any)

If interested, drop me a line at and we can discuss your desires- and if I can get it done by the time you need it!

I can’t wait to get lost in paint for you and for those you wish to gift.

Love, Jenna

This mandala went to an American soldier in Afghanistan, sent with love from her mother for Christmas. Infused with love.

Thanks to my girl Meg, and Meg and Roe Photography, for snapping some of the actual professional shots on this page of my rocks, and for coming up with the perfect tagline, "Getting Stoned with Jenna"!